Combine file information from multiple iso_files. By default all information is included but specific items can be specified using the include parameter. The file id is always included. File information beyond file_id and file_path is only available if the iso_files were read with parameter read_file_info=TRUE.

iso_get_file_info(iso_files, select = everything(),
  quiet = default(quiet))



collection of iso_file objects


which columns to select - use c(...) to select multiple, supports all select syntax including renaming columns. Includes all columns by default. File id is always included no matter which selection parameters.


whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages. Set parameter to overwrite global defaults for this function or set global defaults with calls to iso_turn_info_message_on and iso_turn_info_message_off


File info entries with multiple values are concatenated for this aggregation function. To get access to a specific multi-value file info entry, access using iso_file$file_info[['INFO_NAME']] on the iso_file object directly.

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